A great startup pitch deck only needs 11 slides.

👋 Hey, I'm Landon.

As a startup employee, advisor, and mentor, I've helped build pitch decks for Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds that collectively raised more than $220M.

⚡️ Quick Tips

1. Your slides should be legible, simple, and obvious.2. Feature facts and data, not anecdotes and outliers.3. Your deck should be able to stand alone.

Slide 1

Cover Slide

• Logo
• One Liner
• Round
• Month + Year

Make sure investors know who you are and where you are on your journey.

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Slide 2


• Mission
• Vision

How do you see the world differently than anyone else?

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Slide 3


• What is the problem?
• Who experiences it?
• How often do they experience it?
• What are the implications of it?

Paint a picture of a person in need and help investors empathize with them.

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Slide 4


• Your solution to the problem.
• Your unfair advantage.
• A product demo, if possible.

Tell investors what it does, not how it does it.

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Slide 5


• Growth
• Retention
• Partnerships or Key Users

All numbers need context. and no one should need to do their own math.

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Slide 6


• Who are the incumbents?
• Why aren't they fulfilling needs?
• How will they respond to you?

Simply describing an incumbent as "not good enough" is not good enough. Talk about specific gaps and how you will win.

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Slide 7

Market Overview

• Size
• Growth
• Projected Growth

Data for Size and Growth should be from respected sources, and your conviction for Projected Growth should be incredibly defensible.

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Slide 8

Business Plan

• Financials
• Financial Forecast


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Slide 9

Raising + Actions

• What are you raising?
• How will you deploy funds?
• Timeline for product development, GTM, etc.


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Slide 10


• Leadership Team
• Advisors

A startup is only as good as the people on the team and in its orbit. When highlighting individual backgrounds, align to ———— to your company's focus/needs.

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Slide 8

Business Plan

• Financials
• ...


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